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AIM - Associazione Italiana di Scienze e Tecnologie delle Macromolecole

logoAIM1The Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules (AIM) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1975 and was officially incorporated in 1983 with the aim of promoting the research and studies about the macromolecules science in their various aspects from the scientific point of view to technical applications. For this reason, AIM organizes and promotes conferences, schools, workshops and seminars on various aspects that characterize the polymer industry also taking care of the publication of educational material such as the Periodic AIM Magazine, and various texts concerning the synthesis and characterization of polymers.
Currently the association has about 700 members from both the academic world (universities and CNR) and from the industry (including small and medium industries). For this reason AIM is the natural meeting point, and a place for dialogue between these two worlds that despite having common interests are often characterized by experiences, cultures, needs and perspectives.



1assobioplastiche_colorThe Italian Bioplastic and Biodegradable and Compostable Material Association (Assobioplastiche) was born because the producers,transformers and users of bioplastics believed it necessary to be represented in Italy and abroad towards institutions and other players interested in the development of this industry with their own independent association.
Assobioplastiche’s objective is to promote the use and the image of bioplastics in Italy and to protect the industry against malpractice and unfair competition. Assobioplastiche was founded in 2011 and its legal and operative headquarters are in Rome. Assobioplastiche is formed by producers of biopolymers, transformers and traders of products obtained from biopolymers, research centres and a wide range of cultural associations. The composting sector also participates, being the natural end of cycle recipient of these products.



001 - Logo ATIA ISWA ITALIA_trasparentATIA ISWA puts together all professionals, companies and entities within waste management and reclamations.
We promote research, dissemination and study of best practises with our newsletters, conferences, meetings and technical reports.
Mission: to promote and foster the development of a sustainabile waste management worldwide.
ATIA ISWA Italia is also a reference point for public entities as information technical source on waste, reclamation and related activities.
The Association comes from a merge from ATIA (environment Italian technical association) and ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) to create a stronger and more influent strengt, aiming at becoming a technical and scientific reference point in Italy.


ECOMONDO - the green technologies expo

_loghi_ecomondo_head.inddThe technology platform for the Green and Circular Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area

  • The ideal place to meet Green and Circular Economy operators, strike new business deals, generate value and acquire new customers.
  • The largest showcase in the Euro-Mediterranean area for advanced and sustainable technology for processing and recycling all kinds of waste; treating and reclaiming water, waste water and polluted marine sites; efficient use and transformation of raw and processed materials and the promotion of renewable raw materials.
  • The place where businesses can meet competitors in complementary markets and leading players in public research in Europe and the Mediterranean area to establish national and international partnerships in the implementation of a knowledge-based Green and Circular Economy.
  • The right place to find out exactly how to access national and European funds.

Ecomondo guides companies in pursuing the objectives determined by the Seventh General European Action Programme:

    • Achieve 70% recycling of paper, plastic, metal and glass present in SUW by 2030
    • Achieve 80% total recycling of packaging between 2025 and 2030
    • Achieve 5% total landfill by 2030
    • Prohibit heat treatment of recyclable material
    • Separate landfill from the various methods of recycling inert materials


ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

LOGO enea Centrale ENEA is the second major Italian research organization, with around 2700 staff employees distributed in its 9 research centers all over the national territory. The Agency’s activities are mainly focused on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Nuclear Energy, Climate and the Environment, Safety and Health, New Technologies, Electric System Research.
ENEA’s multidisciplinary competences and great expertise in managing complex research projects are put at the disposal of the Country system. Specifically, its activities are devoted to: basic, mission-oriented, and industrial research exploiting wide-ranging expertise as well as experimental facilities, specialized laboratories, advanced equipment. ENEA also: develops new technologies and advanced applications; provides public and private bodies with high-tech services, studies, measurements, tests and assessments; delivers training and information activities aimed at providing greater public knowledge and awareness on the Agency’s fields of competence, and a higher level of dissemination and transfer of research results, thus promoting their exploitation for production purposes.


Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile - Sustainable Development Foundation

logo_fondazione (1)Founded in 2008 by will of companies, business associations and sustainability experts, the Sustainable Development Foundation is a not for profit think-tank based in Rome aimed at encouraging the transition towards a green economy.
The Foundation relies on a network of 100 associated green companies and more than 50 top level senior experts and young talents in the sustainable development field.
As a reference organization active in deepening and spreading knowledge on thematic areas such as climate change, renewable energy, resource efficiency, sustainability strategies and reporting, sustainable mobility, etc., the Foundation holds workshops, lectures, conferences and learning events open to public participation.
Promoted in Italy by the National Council of the Green Economy (composed by 66 Italian business organizations each gathering several enterprises) in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of the Economic Development, the States General are an initiative integrated in the European Union process for implementing the commitments of the Rio +20 Conference.
In the international scenarios the Foundation is member of the UN Global Compact, organizational stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and associated to the ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) and Transport and Environment in Brussels. Furthermore, it cooperates with the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Union of Railways (UIC), the Institute for environment and energy (IFEU) in Germany.



Logo-GreenaccordGreenaccord is a non-profit association with Christian inspiration, founded to be of service to the world of information and training that deals with environmental issues. The association is made up of journalists and professionals who volunteer their time to provide training to their colleagues.
Greenaccord would like to be an international “virtual table” open to all the professionals in information and communication who want to deepen themes about environment and its protection with their work and to all the experts of the various fields who take part in the vast panorama of environmental discussions. In order to achieve this purpose Greenaccord uses these means:
First of all, the International Media Forum which takes place in Rome, every autumn of the year. The International Forum wants to be a moment of reflection, training and meeting for Italian and Foreign Press journalists who, even if in their differences, are interested in the protection of Nature. The International Forum organizes relations and meetings among journalists and the highest experts in the various fields of Ecology. Furthermore, it allows journalists to meet in order to know one another professionally and personally.
The disclosing, at international level, of a correct information on environmental protection through its web-site The possibility of giving voice also to those journalists who haven’t enough freedom of expression in their own countries by publishing their articles on environment. The web-site would like to be as well a virtual meeting point for all those journalists in the world who want to remain in contact and to create a network about environmental themes.


Kyoto Club

LOGO_KYOTO-CLUBThe Kyoto Club is an Italian non-profi t organisation founded in 1999. Its members are business companies, local authorities, universities and environmental associations committed to reaching the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by the Kyoto Protocol and the EU climate change goals. The Kyoto Club promotes awareness-raising and information activities, training on energy effi ciency, renewable energy sources, agriculture and forestry, effi cient waste management and sustainable mobility.

Towards public decision-makers the Kyoto Club advocates and lobbies for climate-friendly policies. The Kyoto Club is represented in the ECEEE - European Council for an Energy Effi cient Economy and in the EUASE - European Alliance to Save Energy


Società Chimica Italiana

sciSocietà Chimica Italiana, founded in 1909, is a scientific association that has over three thousand members. Members carry out their activities in universities and research institutes, schools, industries, public and private laboratories of research and control, the free profession. They are united not only by an interest in the science of chemistry, but also from the desire to contribute to the cultural and economic growth of the national community, improving the quality of human life and the environment.
The Italian Chemical Society aims to promote the study and advancement of chemistry and its applications and in particular:

  • foster and promote scientific research in all fields of chemistry;
  • disseminate knowledge of chemistry and the importance of its applications in the context of progress and well-being of humanity;
  • promote and encourage the study of chemistry at the universities and in all schools of all levels;
  • promote the development in every field of science.

To achieve these goals, and with the exception of profit motive, the Italian Chemical Society promotes, through its Peripheral Organs, (Sections, Divisions, Groups Interdivision), publications, studies, surveys, events.