About our Logo

Created for the event, the logo was inspired by the famous Rubik's cube puzzle also known as Magic Cube.

It is a well recognized object known all over the world: an intellectual challenge that has enthralled generations of people. Just in the year 1980, about 350 million copies of the Cube were sold. Since then, its form has evolved over time.

It has become a symbol of European intelligence
The game is easy: the Cube consists of 27 smaller cubes with different colors on all faces: the aim is to achieve a unique color on every face of the Cube.
Going from chaos to order, this puzzle has been celebrated by the European Union as a worldwide recognized symbol of European brilliance.
For this reason, the Cube represents European talent in innovation, research and development, which is essential to boost sustainable growth.

Adapted Version
The visible faces on the cube are “solved":
1. On the top, there is the international symbol of waste recycling
2. The image of the terrestrial globe on the other faces highlights the attention IUPAC pays to a global vision, particularly towards developing countries.